What is Cloudo? It’s a brand that embodies the kind of imaginative ‘up in the clouds’ happiness and creativity that comes so easily to children. Born in 2013, Birmingham United Kingdom, Cloudo has been globally putting smiles on little faces for the past five years. We see ourselves as a mini luxury department store where parents can shop for the latest in kids' fashion and find style tips too.

Let's think outside the box - We believe in in freedom of expression and Cloudo encourages creativity in children. We want to be a platform for them to grow and express themselves through clothing. We have the amazing brands to accomplish and accelerate toward a free and forward-thinking world. The kids' fashion revolution starts with us!

Our Boutique

Visit us in the heart of Brimingham City Centre, UK, we provide a unique personalised service to you and the little ones to help you find exactly what you want.

Our Customers

From tiny adorable 0 all the way to 16 Years old.