About Us



What is Cloudo Kids? It’s a brand that embodies the kind of imaginative ‘up in the clouds’ happiness and creativity that comes so easily to children. A few years back, my husband and I ventured into setting up an organisation which comprised of the whole family. With my two kids being my main inspiration, we looked into both our own interests as a couple, as well as combining them with the idea of our children accompanying us on this adventure. Our kids make us happy. Remember when you first glanced at your child? This is what Cloudo Kids is like for us. It’s a beautiful addition to our family.

Having always had a keen eye for fashion, we started building a collection of amazing brands, finding gems in both the collections of well known high-end designers and exciting independent brands. I am passionate about buying and so I personally take the time to travel around the globe in search of thoughtfully selected garments to bring to you, our customers. The overall Cloudo Kids collection reflects the joyous, happy and creative personality of the company and if you would like to see more of something, tell us. If you don’t like something, tell us too. We’re not perfect but with your contribution, we can make it as close to perfection. Why not start today and take a look at what we have online and in-store?


Our Boutique

Visit us in the heart of Brimingham City Centre, UK, we provide a unique personalised service to you and the little ones to help you find exactly what you want.


Our Customers

From tiny adorable 0 all the way to 16 Years old.